Continuity Craft

Exclusive Fully Vanilla Experience

Continuity Craft Is not only a Minecraft server, it is a community that is the best of their craft, looks out for each other and helps those within.Continuity is a one-of-a-kind server outline that caps the number of player slots to 25 this allows us to maintain an exclusive experience.Since we're a server that brings both technical and builder side of Minecraft, we screen our members to ensure that they will keep our motto and add quality to the server in the form of Builds, Farms, and Machines.The server will also remain 100% vanilla at all times, the only plugins we will run will be for the performance of the server.

Server Information

Since we're a small community focussed on quality over quantity to start we will have a small map size of 1000x1000 and work together to create a starter village with shops and games, as we progress the border will open up allowing for the start of individual mega projects.The server will run off of the community voice and not by one person allowing for any expansion to be done as a community such as where the server will be hosted, what seed we will pick, etc.The server will include the usually adopted diamond economy that will be used to trade items, play minigames, and services people are willing to offer. This is a great way to advance the community and trade within.Plans for down the pipeline will be discussed after you get accepted.


On Continuity Craft, we're all adults and there shouldn't be really official rules but should there be a dispute/conflict there is a Terms & Conditions you accept when applying for Continuity Craft.

Below is a list of basic guidelines you should follow:

  • First and foremost, Have Fun!

  • Respect Everyone

  • Use your common sense

  • Do not Grief

  • Do not Cheat or use Bugs and Exploits


Before applying please understand that that you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions,
this application is a 2 step proccess, the first is this application form, the second will be a
Voice Call where we will interview you on how you are the perfect candidate for the server
Please do not apply if:
You do not have a microphone - You are below 18 - Not Experienced in building - Are an inactive player

Thank you for applying

Your Application will be considered over the next 2-5 days,
we will get back to you if you succeed or fail in the application.


Premium is for supporting the monthly costs of the server.
If you would like to contribute, this is the perfect option for you!

BENEFITSSince Continuity is 100% vanilla and allows the same opportunities
to all members will NEVER give donators any benefit that would give
them an unfair advantage and we would definitely never make a
non-vanilla incentive for those who donate.
However, all donators will get a permanent whitelist to the server
(Even if inactive), and will also receive a coloured name in chat to
show their support to the server.
We do not require a donation from everybody but donations allow
us to run our community and are well-appreciated by the community.



First of all Have Fun and use Common Sense were all adults :)

Accounts & Inactivity

Do not share your personal information with anyone online. Even to your closest online friends. This is for your digital and personal safety.1.1 – Players who are inactive for more than 14 days without notice will be removed from the whitelist and, after 30 days their land and builds will be free for everyone's use.1.2 – Players who are inactive for more than 30 days, will have their shops removed or auctioned to other players.1.3 – Players who we believe are not a good fit within our community will be removed.1.4 – Players who are banned, or removed from the community have no right to leave items, bases, or plots to other players.1.5 – You are responsible for your own account, no blaming your sibling or the classic "My cat ran over my keyboard" excuse.


Treat others, as you would like to be treated. Be responsible. Treat everyone with respect and keep appropriate behavior. We encourage players to communicate in the English language at all times. This is to ensure ease of communication in chat and prevent vulgarity in non-English languages. However, you may communicate in any language when using /whisper.2.1 – Be polite and show respect to others. We play on Continuity to have fun, and being disrespectful is never fun for anyone. Usage of slurs and derogatory terms; whether it be racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious; is NOT tolerated.2.2 – No spamming or flooding chat. Don’t repeat yourself or use CAPS LOCK. No chat trolling.2.3 – Do not impersonate anyone, especially other players and staff members. Do not harass other players, or be a creep.2.4 – No fancy text or glitch characters. Not only are they unpleasant to see on in-game chat, but they are also incompatible with narration.2.5 – Do not beg for items or any other benefit. Just play the game and earn it yourself.2.6 – Drama, politics, and religion in the chat are not allowed.2.7 – Threatening others is not tolerated. Doxxing, blackmailing, and extortion will be taken seriously. Threatening the server, and its security will also be taken very seriously by the Admin team.2.8 – Do not argue with or harass Admins. They work hard to keep the server running smoothly.2.9 – Moderate swearing is allowed. We do allow the odd joke but do not make anything personal. Do not joke or talk about self-harm.2.10 – Do not advertise or mention other servers, social media accounts, or any other goods or services.

Cheating, Bugs & Exploits

Cheating is not permitted. Any modifications to the vanilla version of Minecraft game or resource packs that gives the player an unfair advantage are not allowed. This includes X-Ray resource packs. Hacking in any shape is absolutely not allowed. No exceptions.3.1 – Do not take advantage of exploits. Do not dupe any items or blocks. If you have found an exploit, then please report it to the staff team.3.2 – If it’s a server-side or Mojang-side bug, do not abuse it. Report it to the staff team.3.3– Modded clients that give you unfair advantages are strictly forbidden. Printer and auto-building mods are not allowed. If caught, even if you’re not using any game-changing modifications, you will be banned.These are the only allowed mods:
Optifine/Sodium, and other FPS-enhancing mods
Iris Shaders
Shulkerbox Tool Tips
Easier Trading
Xaero’s Minimap and World Map
Voxel Map
Mouse Wheelie
Easier Crafting
Litematica (EasyPlace Mode is not allowed)
Replay Mod
NBT Crafting
Inv Move
Accurate Block Placement
Click Through
Item Scroller
Inventory HUD+
Light Overlay
WI Zoom
These are the only allowed clients:

Griefing & Land Use

Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people through the use of destruction or construction. To claim land or an area where you would like to build, simply add a sign, fence or wall with your name.4.1 – Do not build within 100 blocks of another player's land claim without their permission.4.2 – Do not modify/remove another player's claim or build that does not belong to you.4.3 – Do not take any items from a chest, build, furnace, shulker etc. without the permission of the owner. Do not take anything that does not belong to you! Unless the chest says “Free Items” or “Community Chest” then don’t take anything.4.4 – Do not loot another player's death location.4.5 – No offensive or overly sexualized builds.4.6 – Public areas should be accessible to all players. Claims may be removed if they’re found to be obstructing a public area without notice.4.7 – If a player asks you to leave their claim/area, you must leave.4.8 – Do not make 1×1 pillars or 1×1 holes to bedrock. They are ugly! If you do happen to make one, then remove it afterwards.

Economy and Shops

The Servers's current currency is diamonds, it costs 1 diamond block per 10x10 area (100 Blocks).5.1 – All shop owners must make the price and what the actual product is clear to the customer. Give your shop a name, so others can easily find it. All Shops have to have a sign with the name and the shop owner on it.5.2 – All shops must be original, and theme. No general stores or pop-up shops, which try to sell every item quickly! The items in your shop must fit the shop theme. You can find examples of themes in our Shopping District Guide.5.3 – Shops that are empty or not stocked for 7 days, shall be removed without warning or auctioned.5.4 – Try your best to make your shop look good. Ugly shops do not get much attraction.5.5 – Do not build shops outside of the Shopping District.

Redstone & Farms

Redstone is an important part of the game, and we encourage players to build awesome Redstone devices! However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.6.1 – Try to make your Redstone farms look good! Make your farm fit in within the surrounding builds, or create your own theme for the farm.6.2 – Redstone devices must have a way to be disabled. Usually, this is done by adding a clearly marked ON/OFF switch that the Admin Team can use to disable your Redstone device if it becomes necessary.6.3 – Any form of lag machine is not allowed.